How do I locate my ceiling studs?


How do I locate my ceiling studs?
If using an electronic stud sensor, follow the directions located on the back of the stud finder. If not, look on the ceiling to identify any visible nailing patterns or drywall tape patterns. These will generally indicate the direction of the ceiling studs. If none are visible, drive a small nail (at least two inches long) 1 1/2″ into the ceiling. If the nail can be pushed in the rest of the way by hand, you have not hit a stud and need to continue to do this step until you locate a stud.
Once you have located a stud using the same method, move the nail over to the right a 1/4″ and drive it in 1 1/2″. Repeat this step until you locate the right edge of the stud. Repeat this step moving to the left this time to determine the left edge of the ceiling stud.
What do I do if I have any missing or damaged parts?
Using the parts list provided with the unit, identify the part number of the missing or damaged part, or ask your estate management company to help you find storage units in New Jersey.

Losing Weight


Medicare has recently announced that they now consider obesity to be a disease.

Recent studies show that 65% of Americans are overweight, and 31% are obese.

Obesity has reached epic and unprecedented proportions in the United States, and global studies indicate that the trend is similar in much of the rest of the world. Clearly, something has changed about the way we live to cause this. Increased wealth, larger portions, high calorie foods, and a lack of exercise are all factors in the phenomenon.

The question is: what can you do about it?

If you are like the 65% of Americans who need to lose weight, read on for five steps to shedding those pounds and living a healthier life.

  1. See your doctor!

Before you do anything, make an appointment with your doctor. Tell your doctor that you are concerned about your health and want to begin a weight loss program. Your doctor will give you advice on how much exercise you should engage in and how many calories a day you should be consuming. He may also give you referrals to nutritionists and other health professionals such as the top spine doctors in NJ to get you started on your weight loss journey.

  1. Understand that there is no quick fix

Plenty of diet programs promise you the world, but deliver nothing more than pain in the checkbook. It took time to put the weight on, it will take time to take it back off. Most experts recommend losing no more than 2-3 pounds a week. Losing weight too fast can be bad for your health. Remember, the goal of losing the weight is to increase your health, not decrease it.

Our Photobooth Services


Photobooth Services

A Cut Above Photo Booth provides a broad array of management services designed to help our clients compress cycle time, lower overall product costs, maximize supply chain efficiency, improve inventory control and enhance customer satisfaction. We are committed to bringing innovative ideas that balance technology, resources and expertise to solve real-world logistics issues.

Our photo footprint extends to over 100 counties. Our infrastructure of beautiful photo booths center from photo booth rental West Palm Beach.
can provide tailored picture taking  and distribution programs — built to the precise specifications of the client’s preferences. With each assignment, A Cut Above Photo Booth emphasizes a consultative approach,
drawing on our extensive knowledge of multiple markets, geographies and industry-specific logistics processes to design and operate cost-efficient, customer-centric photo booths and props.

As a provider of photo booths, A Cut Above is ideally positioned as a one-stop resource center for integrated photo booths, magic mirror booths, social media distribution, event control, materials handling and information services. And, our dedication to collaboration and teamwork with customers ensures long-term, successful partnerships that provide strong planning and effective implementation, and continually deliver value on a countywide.

Principal photo booth services include:

  • Photo booths and photo booth prop management
  • Prop Supply Hubs
  • Assembly, Distribution and Promotion of Events

Abbey Workshops


Cut Above, owner of Abbey Workshops, offers individual and small group photographic workshops in 35 mm, large format, black and white darkroom, alternative printing processes and the zone system. Building around the participant’s photographic knowledge and requested course study, each workshop is tailor made to suit the individual.
Nestled in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, Crow Abbey Workshops is a perfect location to study landscape, architectural, portrait or close up photography. The easy pace of Fredericksburg affords the participant a relaxed atmosphere in which to learn.
Darkroom workshops are held in the teaching darkroom of Crow Abbey Workshops. The darkroom is set up for both 35mm and large format photography. All facets of negative development and printing are covered. Archival negative and print processing are stressed. A little extra care goes a long way in the preservation of fond memories and beautiful images.
All workshops and private tutorials are done in a hands on approach. The students use their own camera equipment so they are ready to go out on their own. Individual attention is guaranteed by the small class size. Workshop curriculum is determined by the participants. All workshops include both theory and application.
Fredericksburg is located 90 miles west of Austin and 60 miles northwest of San Antonio. There are numerous hotel and Bed and Breakfast accommodations both in town and in the surrounding countryside. A wide range of restaurant dining is also available. Information on the hotels and B&B is available on request. All lodging reservations are the responsibility of the participant.

Picture Frames and Cleanliness


Scroll picture frame users tend to find that the only place any kind of dirt accumulates is on the bottom of the stitching because that’s where their hands touch the fabric. There are a couple of solutions for this if you choose to use scroll frames. One is to use a floor stand with the scroll frames to avoid having to handle the stitchery itself. Also, if you attach the fabric and roll it on the frame so that the actual photograph is put in the bars backward it prevents the front of the design from touching anything when the bars are set down. It also provides more room on the back of the project for ending threads. Then, there are those of us who stitch in the hand, meaning we don’t use hoops, Qsnaps, or scroll frames to hold our work taut. Obviously, stitching in the hand means you are going to be touching the fabric a great deal. Many people that use this method agree that on larger pieces, you can roll the fabric from the top so that you are handling the backside of the work.

Corporate event photo booth rental in Orlando, FL entails a lot of photography and picture frames. If you are doing a rotation and only have one out at a time or have little kids around, like me, that may spill or decide to take up photogaphy, you want to be able to put it away somehow when you are not actually working on it. There are many ways you can store your work when you are not working on it. Quite a few photographers use plastic zipper bags. There is a concern that zip lock bags don’t allow the fabric and fibers to breathe. There are zipper bags available now with holes…many use them to store vegetables. I have seen many people that simply use plastic grocery bags from the grocery store, which is what I used to do. Now I have collected over the years, from various yard sales and dollar stores, a number of fabric tote bags that I use to store them in. This also makes them very portable to take along for those long waits in the doctor’s office or if you are traveling.

Blackwork Patterns and Stitching


Blackwork is thought to have been introduced into Britain from Spain by Catharine of Aragon when she married Henry VIII in 1509

Blackwork patterns are used in two different types of designs:

Block designs – This is where the pattern forms a simple geometric shape.

Free-form designs – This is where the patterns are used to fill a predetermined shape. Often this a fruit or plant pattern.

The basic stitches used are the basic backstitch, the holbein stitch (which was named after Hans Holbein, an artist that portrayed a large number of blackwork designs in his work). This stitch is worked in two runs. The first is a simple running stitch and the return run is made along the same stitching line with running stitch filling in the spaces left from the first run. You can see how the running stitch is made at The Stitch Guide.

The darning stitch is often used alone in blackwork patterns. It is a running stitch worked in parallel rows. The floats are often varied lengths to create different patterns.

Also used is the double cross stitch which is exactly how it sounds. You add a stitch going up and down and one going left to right to form a star like stitch. The Algerian eye stitch is the last of the basic stitches. It is sometimes just called the eyelet stitch. You can see this stitch also at The Stitch Guide.

Often some other stitches are used as embellishments to the pattern. These include the satin stitch, the stem stitch, the chain stitch and the couching stitch.

Blackwork patterns consist of repetitive geometric motifs made from basic stitches. The original blackwork patterns probably were derived from Arabic embroidery designs and later fruits and figures were added with twining stems giving a cohesive look to the design. The number of patterns possible is infinite and they are simple to design on your own. Find a geometric motif on fabric or tiles that you like and follow the pattern on graph paper. You can take any geometric shape and by adding lines to fill in or extend the original shape, you can modify it to how you like it.

When working a blackwork design, the blackwork pattern must be symmetrically placed. To accomplish this, you must carefully measure and divide the area to be stitched. First determine the approximate size of the finished design and cut your fabric on grain to the projected size plus four inches on all sides. Since blackwork patterns are worked from the center out, the center point of the design must be located and marked. Place the initial motif in relation to the center point so that as many whole motifs as possible fit into the worked area. This positioning is particularly important if the motifs are large.

Blackwork designs are frequently found in string art diy kits!

Mirror Photo Booths and My Photographs


A mirror photo booth in Fort Lauderdale may be a quick draw for most, but I’ve also broadened my collection of photos. A little of everything, and everyone but definitely me. My library is extensive with photography books of much admired photographers such as Bettina Rheims, Alberto Garcia Alix, Shelby Lee Adams, Richard Avedon, Peter Lindbergh, Eve Arnold, William Eggleston, Ellen Von Unwerth, Tony Ward, Mary Ellen Mark, Paolo Roversi, Irving Penn, Satoshi Saikusa, Man Ray, Francis Giacobetti, Steven Meisel, Susan Meiselas, Henri Cartier Bresson and many more. The influence of these images range from fashion, lifestyle, portrait, and creative works, but with a crush on cinema and my own interest to write human stories since I arrived in New York City in March 1998 helped my art work regain individuality. Our relationship developed from a good luck snap to the desire and frustrations to speak through them. A story, an emotion, a character, a mood, a moment before something else. Life as it strips to me; beautiful and ugly, and I’m not judging. I was born in Mozambique, in the East African city of Maputo in 1970. Traveled extensively, and settled in the city of New York which is the place where these photographs have been shot.

You may view other websites with my photography exhibited, and in some cases for sale. Rainspheres is another site of mine which includes most print work, and other stuff completed on assignment until now. PicassoMio is a beautiful web gallery and I feel fortunate that my photography was included amongst its artists. You can find my resume at Creative Hotlist, also recent work completed between December 2002 and April 2003.French-Bar belongs to Pascale and Max. I feel very lucky for having the chance to exhibit in this site one of my favorite themes; Nightlife. These photographs were reunited from four years of my collaborations with a Spanish magazine. I met Fredy Heer two hours before the eleventh of September event. Unable to sleep, I searched the web for photographic sites. His website not only directed towards photography, but enjoyable to read for so much of its varied content concerning art. Fredy Heer is presently showing my photographic work with Harley Davidson portraits. Since September 2002, Expon.Net is exhibiting my work on The Portuguese. They are a black, and white images done in Portugal in 2000 and 2001. I would like to continue, and extend this piece in future journeys to my native country.

Renting a photo booth: Enjoy the benefits of printed photos


Have you ever rented a photo booth? If not yet then time has come to try it once and it is assured that you will never consider an event in future without a photo booth. So, let’s see what kinds of benefits you may get with the photo booth in hand.

Through photos, life events can be made more memorable. Milestones of life such as birthdays and weddings can be remembered forever. People from different generation can share their photos by using the photo albums. In this way, memories can be cherished further. Due to advent of social media, people have been ignoring printed photos. Everything is uploaded in either Facebook or Instagram. Live updates are now offered to make others a part of your life. However, you may be missing a lot without printed photos of an event. Photos are certainly worth keeping. With a photo booth rental in Tampa, you may able forget all your worries regarding images from an event.

Reasons to hire the photo booth for a coming event like wedding can be creation of lasting memories. Digital prints of the photos can be given to family members and guests almost immediately. So, printed photos can be considered as a gift for the guest. Later on, the photo can be framed also. Lasting and special memories of an event can be created like this.

Candid shots can be taken at the event also. Photo walls can be designated in the event to place the images from the photo booth. Stories of an event can be created in the process. Memories from an event can be collected almost immediately. Comments on the photos from the guest can be requested also. Unique touch can be added to the images through use of these comments. Precious comment or advice can be left for the wedding couple.

Requirement of staged photos can be forgotten forever which may look stiff on paper. In most of these staged images, people may pose in an awkward manner. So, it may not look nice at all. Spontaneous pictures are generally clicked in the photo booth. Images appear genuine whether you smile or laugh. Therefore, lots of photos can be taken even it is crafty or silly. Photos may be valued for years from now.

In addition to photos, optimum amount of entertainment can be offered through the photo booth. Either serious or crazy moments can be created by the guests easily. Sometime, props are also given in order to make the image interesting. Character can be added to the image certainly with the use of a prop. However, choice of the prop may depend on you completely. Images at photo booth can be spiced up as you want. So, pirate theme can be chosen for the photograph or you can go with straight photos also.

Some time, music and video facilities are offered in the photo booth also. It may enable you to share photos directly in social media also. Entire creative media space can be taken care of with this simple process. Great moments can be captured between friends and family easily.

Born With Fat Cells?



Are you born with a certain number of fat cells? Can you can produce more by overeating? Once you have those fat cells, can you ever get rid of them? You can empty them, but they are still there, like insidious little sponges just waiting for you to trip up so they can refill themselves.


For a long time, it used to be thought that people got heavy by filling up those “insidious little sponges”. It was conventional wisdom that the only difference between obese people and non-obese people was that obese people had all their fat cells “filled up” to maximum capacity. It’s now known that we can — and do, in fact — “grow” more fat cells in adulthood, and that obese people have more fat cells than non-obese people. What happens is that when fat cells have expanded to their maximum size, they can divide, thus producing an increase in the actual number of fat cells. Obesity develops when a person’s fat cells increase either in number (called hyperplasia), in size (called hypertrophy) or very often in both.

The “unfairness” of all this is obvious: If, for whatever reason — childhood eating, sedentary life style or genetics you wind up with a whole lot of fat cells by the time you reach puberty, you may have to work extra hard doing something like jump rope workouts to keep weight off. We all know people who can eat anything and not seem to gain, whereas others simply look at the Ben and Jerry’s and put on weight. The number of “insidious little sponges” could be one of the many explanations.

Suggested Workouts


Suggested Aerobic Exercise

Running, power walking, biking, hiking, stations training, swimming, power yoga, using various cardio equipment in gyms, aerobic classes (kick box, step, cycle, dancing and athletic conditioning to name a few).

Suggested Weight Resistance & Core Training

Sculpting with free weights, yoga, pilates, core training, weight lifting with machines and rock climbing.

Ward Against “To Do” List  Worries

Schedule plenty of time to accomplish your daily goals. Stay organized, don’t put to much on your to-do-list, delegate duties, ask for help and remember to keep things in perspective. Life is to precious to race through each day. Taking time to take care of yourself and remember to enjoy the moment. You can’t turn back the clock so take time to enjoy the journey.

Final Words Of Wisdom

Exercise, get plenty of rest, take time for yourself and eat healthy. This is your guaranteed formula for maintaining a health body from the inside out.